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Year 2 help design products with Year 5



Pupils in Year 2 have been helping the Year 5 pupils with their designs for a new educational product. The Year 5’s visited the Year 2’s to learn about their likes and dislikes for...>>

Year 1 hunt for wildflowers at Carymoor



Pupils in Year 1 visited the Carymoor Environmental Trust to learn more about the outdoor world and how to sustain it.

They spent the day playing a game whilst learning about the germination...>>

Reception pupils visit the vet



Reception pupils got the chance to visit the vet when they took their pet rabbit for a check-up.  

Eva, the vet, talked the pupils through the process of a routine check-up by weighing...>>

Year 2 uncover garden beasts



Pupils from Year 2 have been scouring the secret places in our gardens for hidden creatures as part of their explorations into habitats. In particular, they have been hunting for microhabitats,...>>

Year 1 take on Jack and the Beanstalk



Pupils in Year 1 have been learning the story of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ and have used the fairy tale as a way to better understand adjectives.

They discussed the characters in...>>

Year 1 begin summer term with gardening challenge



Year 1 got busy in the Garden this week. Working with their ‘gardening partner’, they were set the challenge of designing their own plot. They used garden flowers, strawberry plants,...>>

Moon rocks land at Millfield!



Millfield was lucky enough to host rare samples of moon rocks and a collection of impressive meteorites during a visit to the school’s Physics Department.

Millfield and Millfield Pre-...>>

Reception's 'Robot Rumpus'

Creative Arts


We have been reading a book called Robot Rumpus. It is about some parents who buy robots to run the house for them but it doesn’t go very well! With this in mind the children decided to make...>>

Magnetic madness with Year 1



Last week brought ‘Magnetic Madness’ to Year 1! They were experimenting to find out what is magnetic and how we can use magnets for pushing and pulling. They were amazed by some of the...>>

Pre-School colour mixers

Creative Arts


We have been exploring the colour green. The Tiddlers and Tadpoles have been printing green aliens whilst the Frogs have explored how the colour green is made using blue & yellow paints and...>>

Bikes and Trikes club on the move!

Sport & Activities


Bikes and Trikes club had an adventure around the Millfield Prep campus. Ready, steady, GO!

There are lots of clubs to chose from each term - see our Activites list for spring...>>

Popcorn and woodwork in Forest School



Pre-School and Reception had a real treat at Forest School. Paddy (Mrs Blasdale’s son) lit a campfire and we had an exciting time cooking popcorn over it. It was really exciting when the...>>

Year 2 help the little people...



Year 2 went on an adventure into the woods... As we reached the Forest School site, we found that the gate was left open. It soon became apparent that a dragon had been terrorising the little...>>

Pre-School paw prints

Creative Arts


Following on from the excitement of finding bear paw prints on the way to Forest School, Pre-School decided to make their own handprint in clay. Firstly the children had to pat the clay between...>>

We're going on a bear hunt!



As we were walking to Forest School we found an empty box and a note from a zookeeper. He had lost his bear and needed help to find him. Armed with binoculars and magnifying glasses we followed...>>

Push Me - Pull You



Year 2 decided to kick off their new topic, ‘Push Me - Pull You’ with a BIG SPLASH. During their swimming lesson they used various forces to climb, pull, push and slide along an...>>

Science explorers



This week the reception children went on a very exciting trip to @Bristol. We had such fun finding out about lots of different things. Our highlights were meeting and operating real robots,...>>