Junior Department

Pupils aged 7-10 work for the majority of their time in the Junior department. The pupils study in small classes, headed by a group tutor who is responsible for their pupils' general programme and welfare, they also teach many of the lessons. We believe it is essential that all pupils acquire a good grasp of English and maths and the Junior staff also teach science, humanities and art. Other subjects such as DT, ICT, languages, music, drama and PE are taught by subject specialists who are experienced in teaching primary aged pupils.

Individual Departments

During the last three years before senior school, your child will be taught by specialist subject teachers. The programme will continue to be overseen by their group tutor who will also keep a close and friendly eye on how your child is developing outside the classroom – in sport, music and other activities. You are always welcome to contact your child’s tutor for an informal chat to discuss progress. English and Mathematics are still central to the curriculum. Pupils also study Physics, Chemistry, Biology History, Geography, Religious Studies, Design and Technology, Food Technology, Information and Communication Technology, Art, Music, Drama and Physical Education. Language options include French, Spanish and Latin.