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    Millfield Activities Programme

The Millfield Activities Programme (or MAP as it is familiarly known) is designed to provide pupils with an opportunity to sample a wide and varied range of extra-curricular activities at all stages of their schooling. At least one session of MAP is compulsory for all Year 9, 10 and Lower Sixth pupils, and is encouraged to be a different activity to their primary Games choice.

Over 100 different activities are currently offered, varying seasonally and with interest expressed by staff and pupils. MAP includes many sports to broaden options during Junior years and/or increase training opportunities, plus a range of other specialist sports, pursuits and increasingly, voluntary work within (e.g. study buddy) and external to school (e.g. Mencap, National Trust, local animal rescue centres and care homes for the elderly).

There is no charge for the vast majority of MAPs (e.g. croquet, knitting, drama, lacrosse, photography, rowing); however, some may involve a fee for additional costs, to cover specialist materials or external tuition (e.g. falconry, clay pigeon shooting, SCUBA diving, mixed martial arts, jewellery making, cooking, snooker).

It is not uncommon for pupils to develop a long-lasting interest and enthusiasm for their activities, continuing on to more advanced levels as they progress through and beyond the school. MAP therefore makes an important contribution to the all-round education that Millfield provides.